Entrepreneur, Technologist,

Pragmatic Futurist


Charlie creates compelling content and experiences that empowers people and organizations to embrace the technological future.

Ever since she launched her first tech startup in 2007 (a web video platform for talk shows), followed by the launch of Served Fresh Media in 2009, specializing in digital media marketing and branding for enterprise companies, Charlie Oliver has been helping professionals to understand and harness the power of advanced, disruptive technologies. 

With Tech 2025 (the emerging technology futurist community and platform launched in 2017), Charlie has introduced thousands of people, from all walks of life and industries, to emerging technologies and the limitless opportunities for them to participate in developing tech and solving problems of the future. 

Charlie speaks publicly on emerging technologies, the future and how to engage employees and the public in equitable innovation.


Helping people to figure out the future, together.

As Founder and CEO of Tech 2025, a vibrant and diverse community of budding futurists (professionals who want and need to understand technology innovation), Charlie helps people and organizations learn which emerging they should gain a firm understanding of, the big ideas and concepts driving the development of these technologies and how the practical application of emerging tech empowers companies, nations and individuals to create an equitable future and solve some of the biggest problems in society. She does this through informal learning, highly engaging, interactive event experiences, building community and problem-solving think tanks. She not only forecasts the future, she teaches people and organizations to do the same in a meaningful way.


Past Speaking Engagements

Charlie regularly speaks at events on emerging technology, community building, global and corporate innovation, employee engagement, and digital media marketing.

Her speaking engagements include keynotes, panels, moderating compelling conversations, fireside chats, workshops and corporate presentations for teams and executive management.

View her past speaking engagements.


Forecasting future technology tipping points and trends from 2021 through 2025 and strategizing a road map on how to prepare for these disruptive changes. Defining post-pandemic innovation.

Climate Tech

Climate change solutions including batteries for electric vehicles, solar tech, carbon capture tech, alternative foods, and smart cities. How should companies evolve?

Simulation Tech

Technologies that simulate real world systems virtually including VR/AR/XR, Digital Twins, 3D Capture/Printing, Avatars, Deep Fakes, Holograms, Brain-Computer tech (Neurolink), Virtual Beings.


The development, deployment and ethics of the technologies automating our world including AI, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Chat Bots, Robotics, RPA, etc.

Biotech / Bioethics

The biotech revolution that has been well underway for decades, now accelerated due to COVID-19. CRISPR gene-editing, tracking and tracing tech, vaccine tech, medical data, future biotech, bioethics.

Jobs of the Future

The impact of emerging tech on the future workforce. Defining the jobs of the future, income inequality and how to upskill the global workforce post-pandemic.

Fear and Loathing in Automated Workplace

A human drama touching on our deepest fears about machines controlling our destiny and rendering us redundant


Redefining Innovation

Despite the fact that we are drowning in a sea of innovation, we are more confused, uncertain, and frightened about the future than ever before.


“What is the Future of Work?”

Asking “What is the future of work?” forces us to contemplate the question through restrictive narratives of the past


Do We Need Artificial Intelligence Prophets?

There is an ominous feeling in the air that something enormous and unstoppable is about to happen to our world.


Fast Forward

The Post-Pandemic Innovation Podcast

Produced by Tech 2025 and hosted by Charlie Oliver, Fast Forward explores the new and next era of innovation that will empower each and every one of us to rebuild our world in the aftermath of the 2020 global pandemic.

Every week, Charlie gives listeners news, commentary and compelling interviews with people on the front-lines of demolishing antiquated systems and building new, more inclusive and truly creative solutions that challenges who we think we are and what we hope to become.

This is the podcast that redefines innovation and explores a world of previously-unimaginable possibilities for a new future that is ripe with opportunities everyone.


Nobody Asked Me, But Let Me Tell You

The Advice Podcast

Originally launched in 2016, Nobody Asked Me But Let Me Tell You is back and revamped to address a whole new world full of pandemic problems we never could have imagined back in 2016!

Every week, Charlie offers solutions to some of life’s most daunting problems, plucked from popular advice columns and trending topics across the internet on a range of topics including pandemic problems, personal development, relationships, career growth and the future. 

Charlie (and occasional guests) also explores how we can become better problem-solvers and how we can learn how to give and receive good advice. 



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