The struggle is real!

Watch this if you dare. For data hoarders, you may need to take a break from the keyboard if you recognize yourself in this conversation! In this clip from a conversation I recently had with the amazing Zineb Layachi (CMO in Residence and coFounder of PitchSLAP), we bonded over our secret addictions to research, gathering data, and acquiring more information than I can ever process in this lifetime! Notice how my eyes light up when she says, “I’ve thought about creating a database with filters and tags…”

But on a more serious note, we know we aren’t the only ones drowning in a sea of information and feeling anxious (or even a bit guilty) about not using most of it.

Zineb offers some thoughtful suggestions for how we can all free ourselves from our personal “data deluge” (HINT: channel it!). Becoming more intentional about the information we take in and process is key!

Huge thank you to Zineb for hosting this conversation and for editing/publishing this video!

More clips to come!